With YOUR help, SMART Inc. has a G.E.D. & Scholarship Fund to help the
SMART Women further their education.

Today, most fast food restaurants require its applicants to have a high
school diploma or a G.E.D and most employers will not provide amble
salary raises without a degree.

We found that one of the main reasons why people do not complete high
school or further their education is the lack of funding and that is where
your contribution can help SMART Women further their education

SMART Criteria:
Applicants must currently be a SMART Woman registered in one or
more programs with SMART in order to qualify.

The average award is $100.00 per student:

Applicants who are completing their G.E.D., the funds will be paid to
help with the G.E.D. testing fees.  

Applicants who are furthering their education; the funds will be paid
directly to the college, university or trade school.        

SMART Women see your program specialist for more details on how to apply.
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